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The start of a new year inspires us to look at our lives and think about how we can make them better. Pet owners are always looking for ways to promote their pet’s wellness and vitality, and they often take advantage of this time of year to start. Here are some incredible New Years goals for pet owners that aim to boost pet health, longevity, and overall well-being: 

Two-Way Street

Happiness is easier to attain in the company of our four-legged best friends. As we look ahead to the new year, it’s worthwhile to consider the ways that your pet impacts your life and  improves your own health and wellness. Known for improving our physical health, the close companionship of a pet can also reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. In many cases, pet ownership is directly linked to improving and extending human life. 

Start With a Wellness Exam

Start the new year with a pet wellness exam. We can help you address many facets of your pet’s health, including diet/nutrition, behavior, and much more. With this important information, you can begin to formulate a specific list of New Year’s goals.

The Gift of Dental Health

A majority of pets over age three have some form of periodontal disease. The good news is that damage to the gums, teeth, and tissue is entirely preventable. With regular brushing at home, dental chews, and even water additives, pets can enjoy great oral hygiene. What’s more, excellent dental care is linked to better overall health. 

We can help you make pet dental care a priority in the new year. In addition to regular teeth brushing at home, routine dental cleanings and digital X-rays are recommended every year. 

Move More

All pets benefit from daily movement. This not only improves their physical wellness, but contributes to their mental acuity, as well. A meaningful goal in the new year could be increasing your daily walks or adding an extra play time to your pet’s routine. 

Since weight gain is caused by excess calories (and not enough exercise), an added benefit to exercise is weight loss, improved muscle tone, enhanced flexibility, and mental wellness. If you need extra help with weight loss strategies in the coming year, please let us know

Hydration and Comfort

What would a list of new years goals for pet owners be without addressing hydration and comfort? Without a doubt, many pets don’t drink as much water as they should. This can be easily remedied with a new hydration station, snazzy bowl, or water fountain to encourage more sips. 

Extra comfort measures around the house, yard, or car can contribute to a sense of safety and well-being. A new bed, safety ramps, elevated food/water bowls, and other elements that ease symptoms of arthritis can go a long way.

New Years as a Pet Owner

From all of us at Flowers Mill Veterinary Hospital, we hope you and your pet have a safe, memorable New Year’s. If we can assist you with any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (215) 752-1010.