pet owner covering dog's ears.

Summer means sunshine, warm weather, and plenty of time spent outside. The days of being cooped up indoors for the winter are a quickly fading memory. You and your pets have a whole, wide world to explore together…which means there’s more of a chance for your pet to get lost. And don’t even get us started on summer thunderstorms and fireworks that can spook your pet into running off into the night! 

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month for a reason. But with these tips from our team at Flowers Mill Veterinary Hospital, Fido and Kitty can stay safe all summer long. 

How to Keep my Cat and Dog Safe During The Summer

Follow these three easy tips to keep your furry friends from getting lost all summer long. 

1. Microchip Your Pet

If you haven’t had your cat or dog microchipped yet, now’s the time to do it. Our veterinary team can do this simple procedure during a routine wellness visit. A microchip contains an identification number that you must register with a pet recovery database. It is not a GPS tracking device. 

We recommend microchipping your dogs, but it’s also important to microchip your cat, even if she spends all her time indoors. You never know when she could slip out the door unnoticed. 

2. Keep ID Tags Up-to-Date

Have you changed phone numbers since you last got an ID tag for your cat or dog? Or has the information on your pet’s tags been worn down until it’s hard to read? It’s time for a shiny new tag! 

If your kitty or pup runs off during a thunderstorm, an ID tag with your phone number will help a kind rescuer deliver your pet back into your arms. 

3. Keep Your Home and Yard Secure

Now is a great time to make sure the fence around your yard is free of gaps or weak spots where a pet could wriggle their way out. If you don’t have a fence, consider installing one around a portion of your yard. It’ll give your dog or cat a safe place to roam in the great outdoors. 

Next, check the screens on all your windows. Make sure there aren’t any holes your kitty could slip out of when you open the window to let in that sweet summer breeze.

And during summer cookouts or get-togethers with friends, consider crating your dog or cat. Visitors may not remember to keep the doors closed like you do. 

It’s better for your pet to stay safe in a crate for a few hours than to get lost during a celebratory evening. Yep, we’re talking about keeping dogs and cats safe on July 4th here! With visitors going in and out of your house, there’s an increased risk of your pet getting out. Combine that with the loud pop of fireworks, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. 

Contact our team at Flowers Mill Veterinary Hospital for more summer safety tips or to schedule a microchipping appointment. Happy celebrating, Everyone!